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The 8th BRICS Education Ministe Meeting was held
Release Date:2021-07-12

On July 7, the 8th BRICS Education Ministers' Meeting was held by video. Chinese Vice Minister of Education Tian Xuejun attended the meeting and shared his country's useful experience of implementing "school closure" during the epidemic and using digital technology to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, introduced key initiatives to promote the deep integration of digital technology and education teaching after the epidemic, supported BRICS in scientific and academic cooperation, and put forward specific initiatives.

Tian Xuejun said that in terms of using digital technology to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, China launched online education in basic education, vocational education and higher education during the epidemic, and coordinated the prevention and control of the epidemic and the work of "stopping classes without stopping education" to ensure educational equity. In the coming period, China will systematically summarize the experience of large-scale online education during the epidemic and strengthen cooperation with BRICS in the areas of "Internet + education", education infrastructure construction, information literacy training for teachers and students, and quality improvement of online courses.

Tian Xuejun pointed out that in terms of strengthening scientific research and academic cooperation, China attaches great importance to the cooperation in scientific research and innovation among BRICS and will continue to promote the participation of universities in the cooperation mechanism of BRICS to jointly address global challenges. Tian Xuejun advocated that BRICS should make use of the advantages of science and technology and industrial resources to build an innovative platform for cooperation between industry, academia and research in vocational education; expand the breadth and depth of universities' participation in BRICS cooperation mechanisms to enhance the scientific research leadership of BRICS; strengthen the mobility of students and scholars and humanities exchanges to strengthen the foundation of BRICS scientific research cooperation.

This year's Education Ministers' Meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Education of India and attended by the education departments of BRICS. The participating countries expressed their common desire to promote the development of quality education and strengthen scientific research and academic cooperation and exchange. The meeting adopted the Declaration of the 8th BRICS Ministers of Education.