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Leading South African epidemiologist calls on countries to take a scientific and objective approach to the traceability of the COVID-19
Release Date:2021-07-26

According to the news from the Chinese Embassy in South Africa on 23rd, Professor Salim Karim, a well-known South African epidemiologist and former chairman of the South African Ministerial Advisory Committee on the COVID-19, said in a media interview recently that the Chinese SINOVAC vaccine is of high quality, safe and effective, and called on the international community to take a scientific, objective and impartial approach to the issue of the traceability of the COVID-19.

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority recently issued a statement announcing the approval of the conditional emergency use of SINOVAC vaccine. Professor Karim said that the vaccine is of high quality, safe and effective. South Africa has a fairly strict regulatory process to ensure that approved drugs are of high quality, safe and effective.

Faced with the emergence of coronavirus variants, Professor Karim said the world must remain vigilant and monitor each new variant. It is now imperative to remain vigilant in monitoring and evaluating each new variant to ensure that new variants are not immune to escape.

Professor Karim believes that the international community should look at the issue of traceability in a scientific, objective and unbiased manner and reject the politicization of the traceability of coronaviruses. This must be done in a scientifically rigorous manner, and this is not the time for political posturing and finger-pointing, but rather a time to use wisdom to ensure that experts can gather scientific evidence.

Professor Karim also noted that the delta variant is spreading in Africa and that the number of confirmed cases on the continent has recently increased rapidly. Africa looks to the international community to step up and provide vaccines to poor countries on the continent and expand vaccination programs.