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Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China took part in the meeting of The 7th BRICS Ministers of Communications Conference
Release Date:2021-10-29

The 7th BRICS Ministers of Communications Conference was held via videoconference on October 22, 2021 which theme is “digital gap: traditional barrier to the new digital age and emerging challenges”. The meeting was attended by Xiao Yaqing with a report, Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

According to Xiao Yaqing, Chinese government has always acting on the people-centered philosophy of development, promoting the inclusive development of digital infrastructure, dedicating to providing available, affordable, and effective information services for the people. Meanwhile, reforms were conducted under emerging technologies in the fields at overall scale, angle and chain of industries to improve total factor productivity. Integration works were accelerated for traditional and emerging industries, large, small and medium-sized enterprises to speed up their entry into the digital age.

In his speech, President Xi Jinping has stressed the urgent need for the international community to join together to act up to informatization, digitalization, networking and intelligentization. The countries of BRICS situated similar stage of development while share intention to seize the historic opportunities for digital development. China is willing to work with all parties, uphold the spirit of BRICS which is embracing openness and cooperation for mutual benefit ,work together in communication towards higher quality.We hope to foster stronger synergy and pursue greater common development on the basis of consultation and cooperation for shared benefits, promote the deep integration of new-generation information technology with manufacturing under mutual benefit and common development, encourage joint research in technology, standards, and rules, enhance the competitiveness of the digital industry with idea of open mind and innovation, create open, impartial, equal and non-discriminatory digital development environment.

The meeting were chaired by Ashwini Vaishnav, Minister of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of India, which is presidency of BRICS of 2021.The meeting were  attended by Ministers of the communications departments from China, South Africa, Brazil, Russia. Declaration of the 7th BRICS Conference of Ministers of Communications was adopted during the meeting.