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BRICS space agencies sign cooperation agreement on remote sensing satellite data sharing
Release Date:2021-08-22

On August 18, Zhang Kejian, director of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), held a video conference with the heads of BRICS space agencies, and signed the Agreement on Cooperation on Remote Sensing Satellite Constellation of BRICS Countries.

The BRICS Remote Sensing Satellite Constellation Cooperation Initiative was initiated by the China National Space Administration in 2015, and the signing of the cooperation agreement was completed after six years with the joint efforts of BRICS space agencies and relevant departments, laying the foundation for subsequent cooperation. The constellation consists of existing satellites from BRICS countries, including China's Gaofen-6 and Resources III-02 satellites, China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite 04, jointly developed by China and Brazil, one star of the Russian Elder Star V series, and India's Resources II and II-A satellites. Satellite data are available at ground stations in Sanya, China; Cuiaba, Brazil; Moscow region, Russia; Shadnagar-Hyderabad, India; and Hatebishoek, South Africa. The establishment of a "virtual constellation of remote sensing satellites" and data sharing mechanisms among BRICS space agencies will help address the challenges facing humanity such as global climate change, major disasters and environmental protection.