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The first meeting of the 2022 Gold Brick National Coordinator
Release Date:2022-01-24

On January 18th, the first meeting of the 2022 Gold Brick National Coordinator was held in a video manner and opened the "China Year" process. The meeting was hosted by the Chinese BRIC National Affairs Coordinator, presided by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, from Russia, India, Brazil, South African Brick National Affairs Coordinator and Chinese relevant departments representative attend. Ma Chaoxu said that China is the topic of this year's BRIC countries, hope to work hard with all partners, grasp the themeto build a high-quality partnership, create a new era of global development”, promote the construction of more comprehensive, closer, more pragmatic, and more inclusive Gold Brick partners’ relationship, and achieve more powerful, green, and healthy global development. Ma Chaoxu introduced the overall idea of this year's BRIC Cooperation, emphasizing that China will spare no efforts to do a good job in the leaders’ meetings and all activities of BRIC’ countries this whole year, focus on practicing multilateralism, fight epidemic together, promote economic recovery, promote efficient and pragmatic cooperation, and accelerate the implement of the 1930s Sustainable Development Agenda etc. , to create a fruitful results. Promote the strengthening of the strategic communication in BRIC countries, issued a brick sound on major international issues. Maintain cooperation continuation, implement the results of the session of the leaders. Enclose new situation and new need, expand the wideness and depth of cooperation. Focus on sustainable development, actively build highlights. The representatives of the countries agree with the overall idea and ideas of the Chinese all-year work, indicating that they will fully support the work of the Chinese presidities, actively participate in cooperation in various fields, jointly promote the "three-wheel drive" cooperation in economic and trade fund, political security, humanistic exchange. At the meeting, China's relevant departments have detailed in various fields of cooperation, all parties have been in-depth discussions around this year's key direction and work arrangements of BRIC countries, and reach a broad consensus, laid the foundation for the preparation of leaders' meetings. On January 1, 2022, China officially took over the Chairman of the BRIC, and will host the fourteenth meeting of the leaders of the BRIC. The coordinator meeting is the first official activity of China's first chairman of the BRIC, the main task is to launch the political preparation of the leaders' meetings. (Source: Xinhua News Agency)