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About us
Release Date:2017-06-14

At present, the BRICS have evolved from a concept into a combination of five emerging economies across Asia, Europe, Africa and America.The BRICS has formed multilevel structures led by the leaders' meeting,supported by Senior Meeting of Security Officers and Foreign Ministers' Meeting, and has made important achievements in finance, science and technology, economy and education.The BRICS has become the main driving force of world economic growth, and it’s also an indispensable force to overcome the global economic imbalances and promote overall development.

Standard is the world’s common language,Carrying out standardization cooperation in BRICS could build BRICS’ consensus,clearing the "standard" barrier for trade between the BRICS,achieving interconnection among the BRICS,strengthening existing BRICS’ cooperation mechanism,Enhancing the adhesion of  BRICS,promoting BRICS’ ability to respond to global challenges.

BRICS Information Sharing & Servicing Platform is a standardized integrated service platform commissioned by the Standardization Management Committee of China (the BRICS standardization management institution),and built and maintained by BRICS Standardization research center(Zhejiang Institute of standardization),Issuing BRICS standardized information,providing standardization cooperation, exchange and consultation of BRIC.The platform is characterized by "one-stop,double direction,multilingual",Integrating six major sections :News Express, Standardized dynamic,Standard consult, Notification inquiry, Standardization research and practice, and online consultation, showing the BRICS standardized information with Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese four languages simultaneously,taking a two-way data model which is a combination of passive query and active presentation,providing one-stop service to relevant departments , enterprises and institutions.